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Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Islamic History Syllabus

This subject is often taught using stories for the children. At a young age, the children enjoy listening to stories and pick up a lot of information from them. Therefore this is used in association with other activities to help the children remember the main points of the stories.

As the children progress, they not only cover the basics of the Imams and the Prophets, but also analyse the situation at the time of each of these.  The social context provides n insight into the reasons for the actions of the Prophet and Imams.

At a more senior level, the children also look into the spread of Islam into areas such as Spain as well as the way in which Islam has played such a vital role in the development of Science, Art and Mathematics.


Playgroup / Class 1


 1.  Prophet Muhammad (As a messenger) - Refer to notes from the file of class 1

 2.  Prophet Adam

 3.  Habil and Qabil

 4.  Al Aqsa

 5.  Kaaba

 6.  Masjid Nabi

 7.  Imam Ali (a.s) (Very brief stories as in the stories of the Prophet in the file)

 8.  Imam Hassan

 9. Imam Hussein

 10. I’d al-adha 

 11 I’d al-Fitr

 12. Ashura

Class 2


 1. Prophet Muhammad

a. Birth place and date

b. Death place and date

c. Family members - father, mother, grand father, wife, daughter, cousin - Ali, Uncle: Abu Talib

 2. Hamza - (Refer to the notes  from the file of class 3)

 3. Summaya

 4. Mount Hira

 5. Imams 4-12 ( very brief notes)

 6. Fatema Zehra (a.s.) - Jannatul Baqi 

 7. Prophet Nuh

 8. Prophet Isa (Christmas)

Class 3


1. Prophet Muhammad - Arabia before Islam

a. Life before Prophethood

b. Short history of the Kaaba (The year of elephant)

c. The lives of Abdul Mutallib and Abdullah

d. His love for children

e. Him being Sadiq and Amin

f. His respect for and assistance to the Muslims, especially the poor amongst them.

g. Birth of the Prophet  up to his childhood

h. AbuTalib

I. Khadija marries the Prophet

j. Prophets da’wah work

k. His love for orphans and the disabled.

L. Masjid al Aqsa - short history

m. Birth of Imam Ali (a.s)

2. Prophet Ibrahim

3. Prophet Ismail

4. Prophet Musa

5. Prophet Ishaq

Class 4


1. Prophet Muhammad

a. The dawn of Prophethood - cave of Hira

b. Calling of the near ones

c. Persecution begins

2. Prophet Salih

3. Prophet Hud

4. Prophet Dawud

5. Prophet Lut

6. Prophet Sulayman

7. Prophet Idris

 8. Prophet Ilyas

 9. Khidr/Prophet Musa/Ashaabul Kahf

 10. Prophet Isa

11. Imam Ali (a.s.), Imam Hasan (a.s.) and Imam Husayn (a.s).

Class 5


1. Prophet Muhammad

a. Perseverance of the Holy prophet

b. Perseverance of his companions

c.  Migration to Abysinnia (2 migrations)

d. Boycott against Banu Hashim

e.  Aamul Huzn ( year of grief)

2. Companions of the Prophet

1. Ja’far  Tayyar

2. Salman e Farsi

3. Abu Dharr al Ghafari

4. Miqdad al Aswad

5. Bilal Habashi

6. Ammar bin Yassir

7. Hudhayfa

8. Zayd

9. Hamza

3. Prophet Zakariya

4. Prophet Yahya

5. Prophet Isa and Bibi Maryam

Class 6


1. Prophet Muhammad

a. Isra and Mi’raj

b. Visit to Taif,

c. First and second pledges of Aqaba

d. Plan to assassinate the Prophet -  Hijrat

e. Ali at Quoba

f. Brotherhood between Muhajarins and Ansars

g. Masjid dhirar

2.   Imam Ali - Nahjul Balagha, battles Jamal, Sifin and Nahrwaan

3.  Bibi Fatema - Fadak

4. Imam Hassan - Peace treaty

5. Imam Hussein

6.  Karbala

a. Events leading to the tragedy of Karbala

b. Events on way to Karbala

c. News of Muslim’s martyrdom

d. Meeting with Hur

e. Meeting with Umar Saad,

f. Stoppage of water

g. Arrival of Shimr

h. Prior to Ashura

I. Ashura - Martyrdom of companions-

Habib bin Mazahir

Muslim bin Awsaja

Abu Thama


Martyrdom of relatives

Ali al Akbar

Aun and Muhammad, Abbas , Abdallah and eve of 11th Muharram.

Class 7


1. Prophet Muhammad

Deputations and Invitations to great rulers to accept Islam

2. Battles


Uhud - 3AH

Khandaq - 5AH

3. The Treaty of Hudaibiya - 6AH

4. Khayber - 7AH

5. Conquest of Mecca  - Expedition of Tabuk

6. Mubahila - 9AH

7. Ghadir - Farewell Pilgrimage - 10AH

8. Death and Burial of Prophet

9. Saqifa

10. Abu Bakr

11. Umar

12. Uthman

13. Companions of the Imams

Malik al-Ashtar

Muhammad ibn AbuBakr

Kumayl (du’a Kumayl)

Hujr ibn Adi

14. Karbala ( departure from Karbala to Kufa - Damascus

15. Zaynab

16. 4th Imam - Zaynul - Abidin (a.s.)

Class 8


1. Extended family tree of the Prophet

2. Revision on Prophet Muhammed (a.s.) as reflected in the Qur’an and the Ahadith

3. Imams 5-12

Class 9


 1. 4th Imam

2. Mukhtar and Tawwabun

3. Muhammad ibn Hanafia

4. Abdullah ibn Zubayr

5. Muawiyah ibn Abu Sufyan (Muawiyah 1)

6. Yazid

7. Muawiya-ibn Abu Yazid (Muawiya 11)

8. Marwan ibn Hakam

9. Abdal Malik ibne Marwan

10. Al -Walid ibn Abdal-Malik (Walid 1)

11. Hajjaj bin Yusuf

12. Qambar

13. Kumayl ibn Ziad

14. Saeed ibn Jubayr

15. Sulayman ibn Abdal-Malik

16. Umar ibn Abdul Aziz ibn Marwan (Umar 11)

17. Hisham ibn Abdal-Malik

18. Zara bin ali Zain-ul-Abedin

19. Sulayman bin Malik

20. Hisham

21. Al Walid ibn Yazid ibn Abdal-Malik (Walid 11)

22. Yazid Ibn al-Walid (1) ibn Abdal Malik (Yazid 111)

23. Ibrahim ibn al-Walid (1) ibn Abdal Malik

24. Marwan ibn Muhammad ibn Marwan (Marwan 11)


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