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Wednesday, 26 November 2008
What subjects do you teach?

At Husayni Madrasah, we teach 5 main subjects: Qur'an, Fiqh, Arabic, Islamic History and Current Affairs. They are all taught throughout the years except for Current Affairs which is only taught at the more senior level.


Qur’an: At Husayni Madrasah, we strive to ensure that the children can begin recitation of Qur'an from a young age. We therefore try as best we can to allow 1-on-1 teaching. From the very beginning the children learn how to pronounce the alphabet and as they progress, they learn the vowels and how to join words. Depending on the speed of the child, they are able to recite fluently within a few years. They also learn to memorise Surahs from the Qur'an and, when they have memorised a certain number of Surahs, they receive a certificate to show this. In the later years, they learn Tajweed as well as the meaning behind the Arabic writing of the Qur’an.

Arabic: From a very young age, the children learn how to say basic words such as animals, household items and parts of the body. The teachers use various methods including the use of flash cards, drawing, colouring in and other games for the children. For the older children there are Arabic books, which we have produced ourselves, which go through detailed grammar with examples of sentences from the Holy Qur’an.

Fiqh and Akhlaq: The children in the younger age group learn the basics about Allah as well as about Allah's creation. They also focus on the fundamentals of the religion. As they move through the years, they move onto more complex issues regarding Islamic Law and Ethics. It is also important that the children learn about behaviour and the way they should act towards others (Akhlaq).

Islamic History: The younger children learn, through story-telling, the history of the Prophets and the Imams. In the later years, the children learn about the companions of the Imams and also about how Islam moved through the world and influenced society as it is today.

Current Affairs: This subject begins to be taught at the Seniors level (aged 12+). In the first year, the students learn about the governmental system as well as the international bodies such as the E.U. and the U.N. The children then go on to learn about analysing articles to see if they are an accurate portrayal of the real events. This allows children to be able to see the way in which the media is sometimes pushed by its own agenda. 




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